Q: Is W2ND Historic Inn a hotel or a bed and breakfast or an AirBnB?

A: From a traditional standpoint, W2ND is none of these. What we have created is a hybrid inn of our own design. In our eyes, we are an owner-operated luxury boutique inn that also offers healthy homemade breakfast options prepared in-house. We feel this option allows travelers to book a stay tailored to their preferences. Choose a room that fits your taste then select a fresh healthy inexpensive breakfast option from our a la carte menu, or not. We are also a legitimate bed and breakfast operating in a historic downtown neighborhood, with professional on-site owner-operators to serve as your personal concierge during your stay making sure all your needs are met, not an empty house with out-of-state absentee owners like an AirBnB. As owner-operators of a luxury inn, we are here to provide a small and safe, meticulously clean lodging experience with hands-on hospitality for the discerning traveler.

Q: Has Covid19 had an effect on your business?

A: Being that we designed and opened W2ND Historic Inn in the midst of this pandemic, we were uniquely positioned to address concerns. Cleanliness, guest safety, and social distancing were a part of the design from the start. Our self-check-in process and ability to choose how much personal contact our guests desire is a reflection of the times. Cleanliness is a priority and at the forefront of our procedures.  We utilize hot vapor technology to enhance the sanitization of ALL surfaces in the inn. As on-site owner-operators, we are always just a text or phone call away to handle any concern. Please visit our Covid19 Policy for more details.

Q: What type of ambiance can I expect during my stay at W2ND Historic Inn?

A: Our inn is beautifully decorated with a comfortable living room, dining room, personal conversation and gaming corner, reading nooks and quiet places to work if you so choose. The front and back porches are great spacious outside areas for day drinking, chillaxing or just taking in view of the gorgeous grounds. There is an expectation for graciousness and shared joy. Celebrations could be all around. Come to be a part of it, come to disappear, resist the urge to be busy. The breakfast menu is fresh, healthy, delicious, and ready when you are. Expect to be delighted.

Q: What kind of services do you offer?

A: This is our home and we are committed to making your stay at W2ND Historic Inn a memorable and safe experience. Mostly we are invisible. We cook, clean, do lots of laundry, maintain the grounds, clean some more, and say hello to guests anytime we can. We are here to take care of any desires that may arise from needing a massage therapist to an emergency requiring a doctor or dentist if you needed one. We can arrange flowers, champagne and love notes for your special occasions. We manage our Inn library that has many wonderful books and games just waiting for you to enjoy. We also manage our living room guest refreshment station, where we offer complimentary beverages, healthy snacks and sweet treats for our travelers to enjoy. We know our local area, we are always willing to point you to our favorite restaurants, farmers markets, breweries, coffee shops, and things happening in the area. Our electronic guest book, always be at your fingertips, is an amazing resource for all things W2DN and Mesa. We look forward to serving you during your stay and doing everything in our control to make it amazing.

Q: What kind of food do you serve?

A: Each day will begin with your coffee/tea and scone service, at a time of your choosing between 7:00 and 9:30 AM. Then continue your day with an energizing breakfast from our A La Carte Breakfast Menu served at your chosen time between 7:30 and 9:30AM from the Inn kitchen. We are here to assist in putting together choices for just a light snack or as much as a full breakfast. Coffee and tea, of course, but fruit and green smoothies too.  Everyone helps themselves to our healthy snacks, sweet treats, and complimentary beverages. You can also order special treats for on-site dining, including breakfast room service delivery, a basket of munchies, or an afternoon snack board tray for two. See all the options on our website under Indulgences. Just scroll down to the edible indulgences to find your favorite!

Q: Is the inn air-conditioned?

A: Our inn is equipped with central air conditioning and heat and is always kept at a comfortable temperature, even during hot Arizona summers. Each room also has ceiling fans to allow for additional air circulation on an individual basis. If you prefer to have a warmer room than the rest of the inn, we can provide an auxiliary heat source if needed.

Q: Does W2ND Historic Inn accommodate pets or children?

A: While we love our furry friends, in order to keep the indoors allergen-free, we Do NOT allow pets to stay at the inn. We do have two pups living on the grounds and in our innkeepers quarters behind the inn, they are always willing and ready for your attention if you are missing your fur babies. The ambiance at the inn is important, so children over the age of 10 are welcome, but still subject to two persons per room occupancy.

Q: How many people can fit in one room? Are there any rooms with two beds?

A: All our rooms have only one bed. Each of our rooms accommodates two people total. There is no option for a rollaway bed, cot, or pullout sofa, or three in a bed. We have both a legal and comfortable maximum occupancy and never accommodate more than two in a room. Friends may bunk in together, families may get a second room for a teenager or a third person rents a room for themselves, but two maximum per room.

Q: Does W2ND Historic Inn have stairs? Are there handicapped accessible rooms?

A: As a historic property, we are not handicapped or wheelchair accessible, nor are the rooms designed with handicapped accessibility. There are three steps required up to the front porch of the inn and no wheelchair ramp. Three of our four-rooms are on the main floor and beyond the front porch steps, there are no further stairs required. Our Storyteller room does require one set of stairs for access. If you have specific physical needs, please reach out prior to your stay and we will do our best to accommodate your situation.

Q: Are there refrigerators in guest rooms for keeping food and drinks cold? Is there a microwave or, coffee maker or can we cook anything?

A: Each of our guest rooms is equipped with a refrigerator for your needs. The only microwave at the inn is in the kitchen and is available for guests to use. No on-site cooking is available to guests, though there are many restaurants close by, as well as our in-house menu. 

Q: Can I come and go as I please?

A: Of course you can always come and go as you please. You will be provided with a door code that will open not only your room but also the front and patio doors of the inn. Only registered guests are ever permitted in the inn for everyones' security and comfort. Like any shared lodging space the entire inn settles into "Quiet Time" in common areas, hallway, rooms, and porches after 10:00 PM

Q: How strong is the WiFi? Can I attend a work Zoom Meeting from here?

A: Our WiFi is the fastest and most reliable available in our area, but it may not be flawless. You are more than welcome to conduct your work and meetings via our WiFi and we encourage business travelers to stay with us. We cannot guarantee a perfect connection for a crucial business meeting that depends on our WiFi, so assume that risk at your own discretion.

Q: Do you have daily housekeeping in the room?

A: No. We consider your room your sanctuary and do not enter your room unless there is an emergency or at your request. We are an eco-friendly inn and wash towels and lines when necessary and at request. We will clean your room when you depart. In between we are happy to refresh toiletries and towels, just text us and we will exchange your dirty towels for fresh at any time. To be sure, we as innkeepers, are still hard at work all day every day, sanitizing common areas and beautifying the entire property for your comfort, safety and enjoyment.

Q: Can I book the entire inn for a wedding, family reunion, group of friends, or another event?

A: We do not host events or groups, and do not offer room blocks for events.  Given the Inns' size, we are not equipped or staffed to deliver our experience to groups.

Q: Do you offer gift certificates?

A: Yes, see the link here: Gift Certificates

Q: Do you take a deposit when you book? What is your cancellation policy?

A: Before making a reservation be sure to see full details of all our policies on our  policies page.

Q: Are you completely non-smoking?

A: Yes, we are a non-smoking facility.  We do allow smoking in outdoor areas, but not on the patios or porches if other guests are enjoying them.