As part of your stay, you are treated to our complimentary coffee/tea and scone service silently delivered outside your door each morning. If you want to take us up on the scones and coffee, which are delicious by the way, just let us know what time between 7:00 and 9:30 am and we will make it happen.

Our a la carte menu is served daily from The Inn kitchen between 7:30 and 9:30 am. We always want to be sure that our guests have morning dining options here at the W2ND and we charge very minimal prices to make it available. You can choose to dine in our dining room, front or back porches, in your room, or packed to go.

If you walk to town for breakfast there are cafes, bakeries, and restaurants around the corner for all appetites and schedules. Tell us your preferences and we will personally guide you.

Having just enjoyed your complimentary morning coffee and scones, why not dine with us? Our food is SO convenient and very tasty! Better sourced, prepared and presented. Roll out of bed and come as you are, no crowds, no lines. Our porches, patios, and dining room are peaceful. Our smiles are guaranteed and our coffee is insanely delicious. Everyone's gracious, there's soft music, the morning paper, and no TVs. It's very laid back. Laze the morning away.

Complimentary all day every day, everybody helps themselves to our healthy snacks or treats which we know are necessary to be truly utterly happy.
Dining room area of W2ND Historic Inn
Front Porch Table